5 Tips to Finding a Bra That Fits You Perfectly

5 Tips to Finding a Bra That Fits You Perfectly

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Not to be dramatic but a life spent wearing an ill-fitted and uncomfortable bra is simply no life at all. Because let’s be honest, the wrong bra can’t just make or break an outfit but your entire day too. Also, if you keep wearing only one type of your basic bra then girl, let me tell you what are you missing out on. Every girl must have a couple of basic styles to match their fashionable outfits. A T-shirt bra for tees, a  plunge bra for deep necklines, a strapless bra for tube & off-shoulder tops and a sports bra for a workout session. These are the basic must-haves and while the list goes on.

Shopping for bras isn’t always a cakewalk but having said that, a well-fitted bra is an investment which you would never regret. If you haven’t treated yourself to a new bra off late or don’t know how to find your perfect bra, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Now is the time! We’ve got you 5 best tips to find the best bra that fits you perfectly.

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        Know Your Size

When was the last time you checked your bra size? Are you sure you know your exact measurement? And how can you be so sure your size hasn’t changed in all these months? Well, it is indeed the basic and the very first step is knowing your exact size. Ideally, all women should try to get sized about once a year or after going through any bodily changes. In fact, wearing an ill-fit not only ruins your outfit but can also affect your body and breast shape. So make sure you find a bra which is of your size. No less or greater.  Wondering how to check your bra size, well Clovia has a bra size calculator that takes 2 mins to give your right bra size.

●        Go For Quality Over Looks

By now, I’m sure you all must have known that a bra must and should be comfortable enough for anyone who wears it. Period. No, you should never choose looks over quality. Make sure your bra is breathable and gives you the utmost comfort. Also, make sure the fabric is soft and doesn’t allow chafing or else that might lead to irritation.

Image Source: Clovia

●        Choose According To Your Breast Shape

Let’s make it clear, all breast shapes are definitely not the same. Just like different body types, there are different breast shapes as well. Well, this only makes one thing clear that you must consider your breast shape into account while you shop for bras. If you are blessed with round breasts then you can slay any type of bra! You can explore the bra-world and experiment with any type of bra. Similarly, women with saggy breasts are recommended to go for underwire bras which gives support and are comfortable. Also, women with breasts east-west breast type, that is if their breasts face opposite direction are recommended to wear is a T-shirt bra which gives good shape and support or a push-up bra that would make your breasts look centrally alligned.

        Choose According To The Outfit.

Please don’t tell me you wear the same type of bra for every outfit. Okay, to make you understand better, different bras have different purposes to serve. For starters, if you wear a plunge bra under an off-shoulder top it would be a scandal. That’s not how bras work. A strapless would work pretty well under an off-shoulder top. Plus, for all your tank tops, you can prefer for a racerback bra. Also, for all your bodycon outfits a padded bra would do justice. If you think your slip dress is too revealing to wear a bra underneath go for pasties! They work like magic!

Image Source: Clovia

●        Consider A Bra Which Goes Well With Your Style

Choosing a bra can be less of a subjective factor and more of a personal choice. You have to choose bras according to your style and preference. If you are a sassy babe who’s more interested in sheer and lace bras go for it. Similarly, if you are into athletic gear then let your racer back bra speak for you. Also, if you are someone who loves to keep it simple and subtle go for a cotton everyday bra.

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