4 Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back After Baby

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back After Baby

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The joy of welcoming a new baby does not compare to anything else in this world. But, even as you enjoy holding and nursing your bundle of joy, there is always that little something at the back of your mind that is giving you sleepless nights. And this is getting your old body back. While for some moms it comes back almost “automatically” after a few months, for most others it takes some work and effort. But, instead of looking at your pre-baby pictures and wishing to have that body back, you should start working towards it. You should avoid spending your days agonizing and stressing over that baby fat.

Here are four easy ways to get your body back after the baby.

#1 Start Moving

While it is natural for a mom to put on some weight during and after childbirth, sometimes the main reason for the extra fat is the fact that they do not move enough. It is important to give your body enough time to recover, and this is more so if you deliver through caesarian section. But this does not mean spending your entire day in bed or sitting on a couch. If you want to get your old body back and do it fast enough you should wake up and start moving. And you can start by taking simple and short daily walks or a few times a week.

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back After Baby

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#2 Breastfeed

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of breastfeeding your little one. And the fact that there is lots of research to show its importance and all experts advocate for it should be enough to convince you to do it. But if all this is not enough reason to breastfeed your infant exclusively, then the fact that it can help you shed some weight is one more reason.  Breastfeeding will burn anywhere between 500 and 700 calories every day, and this means that many moms can still shed some weight even if they increase their caloric intake to meets the needs of their baby. Even if your baby does not nurse a lot you should get a hospital grade breast pump, express the milk and store it for future consumption as this also burns some calories.

#3 Watch What You Eat

It is not advisable to go on a diet when you are breastfeeding or just after childbirth, but you still need to check the calories that you eat. Avoid dishes with empty calories such as chips and soda and avoid fad diets that may eliminate an entire food group from what you eat as they are bad for the health of your little one. Also, avoid consuming dishes with a lot of refined sugar and fats no matter how much you might be craving for them. Instead, eat more whole grains, fruits, lots of vegetables and the low-fat dairy products.

4 Easy Ways to Get Your Body Back After Baby

#4 Snack on Health Foods

Motherhood is always very draining and you will always find yourself wanting to snack on something every few minutes. While there is nothing wrong with snacking, you need to watch what you eat if you want to get your old body back. Instead of eating the sweet and fatty foods, you should snack on things like apples with almond butter, egg/chicken salads, carrots, celery and any other fruit and vegetable salads with some low-fat dressing.


Baby fat is inevitable for most moms and while it might not always create the most appealing sight, you should wear it with pride. However, getting your pre-baby body is still possible with a little effort, commitment and patience. By checking what you eat, keeping active and also making sure that you get enough sleep and staying hydrated, you should get your body back sooner than you might think. But, make sure that you never do anything that puts you and your little one in any risk such as engaging in high-intensity workouts and fad diet plans.

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