3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

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Essential oils are best known for their aromatherapeutic qualities. But actually, they are much more than just another regular air freshener. Essential oils can also be used as an effective cleaning ingredient against bacteria, and it can even be ingested for medical purposes.

3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair


You may have already heard about these great advantages from using essential oils, but did you know that they can also stimulate healthy scalp and hair? In comparison to chemically made hair products, essential oils are healthier since they are derived from natural sources.

In fact, it is scientifically proven that chemically produced shampoo and other products can strip off natural oils from your hair and scalp. This can potentially lead to other hair related problems such as dandruff, split ends and damaged roots.

3 Essential Oils To Try For Healthy Scalp And Hair

What better way than to replenish your hair’s health than by using natural essential oils that smell really good, and are actually healthy for your hair? Below is a list of effective and easy to use essential oils which you may want to try out for your scalp:

Lavender And Rosemary Oil

Lavender isn’t just a great smelling oil that will calm you down and put you to sleep; it is also used to improve your scalp’s skin condition. On the other hand, rosemary is proven to cure an itchy and flaky scalp. So with that said, this mix is best for individuals suffering from dandruff.

3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

There are plenty of reasons behind a painful and itchy scalp ,but no matter what the reason is, an unhealthy scalp will not promote the growth of healthy looking hair. For this reason, a mix of lavender and rosemary oil may just be the best option for an overall healthy scalp.

How To Prepare:

Mix 3 tablespoons of unscented oil together with 5 drops of lavender oil, and another 5 drops of rosemary oil. Massage onto hair daily for better results. It is also recommended to avoid using shampoo just after this treatment.

Sandalwood With Lavender And Rosewood Oil

Deep conditioning your hair regularly is a great habit to keep strands of your hair smooth and strong. With this simple sandalwood, lavender and rosewood oil mix, there is no longer a need for an expensive deep conditioning hair product in order to get the same benefits.

3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

For a lot of people, rosewood oil gives off a dark and romantic scent. This is the reason why it is popularly used as a deodorant for the home. What most people don’t know is that it is also capable of stimulating the body and its metabolic functions such as hair growth.

Compared to rosewood oil, sandalwood may not be everyone’s favorite scent. However, it helps eliminate tangles and softens hair beautifully. If you’re not a fan of sandalwood, don’t worry. When it is mixed with lavender and rosewood oil, it turns into a light and subtle scent.

How To Prepare:

In a plastic bag filled with 3 tablespoons of unscented oil, mix 15 drops of rosewood oil, 5 drops of lavender and 5 drops of sandalwood oil. Soak the plastic bag into warm water for a while. Apply mixture onto hair and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Peppermint Oil With Lemon And Lavender

If dry and flaky scalp isn’t your problem, you may be having problems with a terribly oily scalp. Oily scalp has a lot to do with the type of hair products you use. Having too much oil on your hair doesn’t just look distasteful, it also traps dirt and grime, resulting to acne and infestation.

3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

Surprisingly, peppermint oil is one of the easiest fixes to an oily scalp. Not only does it have a soothing cooling effect, it also helps in balancing out your hair’s natural oils. Mix together with skin rejuvenating lavender and clarifying lemon for a complete mixture against oily scalp.

How To Prepare:

Mix in 6 drops of peppermint oil, 4 drops of lemon and 2 drops of lavender together and massage into scalp. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Simple Reminder

Caring for your hair does not end with simply using essential oils. By continuously practicing good hair care habits, and ditching products that damage your hair further, you will be able to see positive changes to your hair even further.

3 thoughts on “3 Essential Oils For Healthy Scalp And Hair

  1. Hello Yamini,
    I really did enjoy your post. You did quite a research on the benefits and importance of lavender oil especially when mixed with rosemary oil.

    To add to your article, there are also other essential oils that can help improve our scalp skin condition. An example is Castor oil. Castor oil provides vitamin E, protein, and Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. These nutrients are proven to stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent split ends. To achieve thin consistency, mix the castor oil with coconut oil (ratio should be 2:1). Warm the solution on a double boiler and apply it to your scalp with a cotton ball.

    You will get the best results if you leave it on overnight, or even longer if you can. This would be perfect for a weekend that you know you just want to stay in, so you can leave the treatment on for a couple of days to really get the full effects of this amazing miracle ingredient.

    • Hi Stanley. Thanks a lot for liking my post. Castor oil is one of my favourite oils, it makes my hair so thick and healthy. Thanks for the information.

  2. Hello Yamini,
    I have a problem along with this disease i have called hypertension or a hormonal problem and my scalps are started sweating when ever i do some work.Castor oil is not a solution in my situation but Lavender And Rosemary Oilis better suggest/hihlight more subsitute for me …

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